Copier Rentals

Copier Rentals

Copier Rentals give you optimal satisfaction for your copier needs. You don't need to purchase copier, toner, consumables nor you have to pay for the maintenance, repair or visit charges. You just have to pay for the copies or prints. We provide advanced multifunctional photocopier machines having printer, scanner, and copier function.

Why Rent a Photocopier?

Photocopier on Rent makes you free from extra burden regarding photocopier related problems. You don't need to care for photocopier machine, counsumables, parts and papers. You just need to make a call to our authorize person and your issues will be resolved on just one call. You really don't need to take worry about being out of stock of photocopier consumables. If your photocopier machine continuously make problems, you can request for change of photocopier machine without any further cost.

Why Us?

Multifunctional Photocopier Machine

Paragon Copier Solution imports high quality, tested, advanced mutifunctional refurbished photocopier machines in its own name. You can ask for goods declaration to confirm imported photocopier machines. We mainly import from United States, Canada and Europe. It is our primary objective to import high quality photocopier machines in order to ensure our customer satisfaction.

Technical & IT Staff

We have experienced and highly qualified technical and IT experts. Our staff have in depth knowledge in their respective fields. You will find our staff very humble and co-operative in order to satisfy your photocopier related issues.

Cost Effective

We do not charge any delivery charges or technical services and even our per copy cost charges are relatively lesser than prevailing market rates.

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